How to Block Pinterest from Google Search

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that has grown in popularity over the years. It is a site where users can upload and share images to display information visually. 

The site has many uses, from finding recipes to discovering new fashion trends. However, it can also be frustrating when you search for something on Google and Pinterest comes up as the first result. 

It can feel like there are no other websites out there, which isn’t true! So How to Block Pinterest from Google Search? Here are some ways to do so.

For Firefox users

Step 1: Click the Options button on the top of your browser and click the Privacy tab on the right side. 

Step 2: Go to General Options and check the box “Block websites from asking for personal information.” 

Step 3: Click save Changes. 

Step 4: Go to your toolbar and click Tools > Add-ons, and search for Un Pinterest. 

Step 5: Click Install. 

Step 6: After Unpinterested is installed, click the button on the toolbar to the right and type in “Pinterest.” 

Step 7: Click “Hide Pins” to remove Pinterest from your Firefox search results. 

App Method:

Open the Pinterest app and go to the settings page. 

Select Manage Account > Open setting of Pinterest > Slap on Privacy and Data option > Now “Search engine privacy” option appears in front of you. Now check it on to remove Pinterest.

Website Method:

Sign in to Pinterest from Google Search. Follow the below steps to delete Pinterest from Google Search. 

  1. Search Google Search for ‘Pinterest.’ 
  2. Select ‘Google Search’ in the top left corner. 
  3. Scroll down to ‘Add to Google’ and click on ‘Add.’ 
  4. Select ‘Pinterest’ from the drop-down menu. 
  5. Verify the following things on the box: — Pinterest Account has the ‘Full access’ option. — Full access permission is displayed. 
  6. Notice that the ‘Spammy Content’ checkbox is checked. — Notice that the ‘Linked In’ checkbox is checked. 
  7. After verifying that all the information mentioned above is correct, click ‘OK.’ App Method To remove all or part of Pinterest from Google search, launch this app, and click on the ‘Remove Pinterest from Google search’ button.


Now you can use google, com, or any other search engine for searching Pinterest, and you can never go back to Pinterest again.

Use this method to remove Pinterest from Google search and ensure that no one can access your Pinterest profile.

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