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How to Remove .html from URL in Easy way

You will see while working on your website that your URL has a .html extension. Many of us don’t like this “.html” extension. If you want to make you URL more user friendly then you can remove .html from URL.

What is .html extension?

Any URL that has .html at the end is called .html extension. Like you maybe saw this types of url: “experttechtube.com/about.html”. This last “. html” is called .html extension.

Today we will learn how we can hide or remove .html from url. For example: from “experttechtube.com/about.html” to “experttechtube.com/about”. Also Read: how to change permalink in blogger

How to Remove .html from URL?

Actually there is a more than one very simple way to remove .html from your url. I will show you one very simple solution for remove .html from your url. Lets get started.

1. Remove .html with a .htaccess:

  • At first you have to login your C-Panel.
  • Then open your file section and press on “File Manager” option.
  • If you see in right of the top then you can see settings option. Just open this.
  • Now you have to find “.htaccess file” and click on it.
  • Open the menu and click “Edit” option. In the .htaccess file, then you have to paste a code into which is given bellow.
#remove html file extension https://example.com/page.html
# to https://example.com/page
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)$ $1.html [NC, L]
  • After paste this code, click on “Save” option.

Like this way you can remove .html from your site. Now .html extension won’t show your URL.

You can easily connect yout page with HTML document with an user friendly URL and also can do the task by watching the video.

Is Removing .html helpful for SEO?

Well there has no problem if you remove .html from your URL. On the contrary, it helps in the SEO of your website.

How it help for SEO?

Well if you want to capture your website traffic then everything on your website has to be user friendly. If you remove .html from your URL, your URL will look more beautiful and user friendly.

A fresh looking keyword can be better seo optimized. So should remove .html extension specially when you have a long keywords. AlsAlso Read: How to Delete Disapproved Adsense Account


If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can easily remove the .html from URL. If .html is with your url then it is not a big loss for seo. But it doesn’t seem right for many user to see .html with URL.

Since removing dot html from the URL is not a problem but on the contrary it is more SEO friendly, so everyone should remove .html from URL for good user experience.

I let you know from my experience how you can remove .html from URL. But if you have a more beautiful and easy way then you must comment us.

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