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How to Find Steam Trade Link or Url

Steam is a video game distribution platform that allows users to purchase, Get, and play games. If you are searching about this then stay read the whole post. 

How to Find steam trade url link

You can browse the store by genre, release date, or you can search for a specific game. Steam also offers digital rights management (DRM), which means your Getted games remain yours. They don’t require an internet connection for installation, and they won’t expire over time.

how to get your steam trade url

Steam’s interface provides features such as friends lists, in-game voice chat, and player statistics. If you’re wondering how to trade on Steam, then look no further! Here are some tips on finding your link to start trading today!

What is a Steam Trade URL?

A Steam Trade URL, or Steam ID, is the Account you use to contact Steam users for Steam Trading. Some guides mention that you can generate your Steam ID from the website, but it’s not true.

A Steam ID is generated automatically from the Social Media pages you have been on for a significant amount of time. A trade offer can also be divided into three parts:

  1. The shipping address. 
  2. The Non-Foil Label, aka product code, or primary product name. 
  3. The number of trades. First up, the shipping address: 

The address to use for Steam trading If you have not already added your U.S. address to Steam trade requests, you can add your U.S. address at this link.

How to find my trade URL

Use the Steam Link to reach your Steam Account. Go to the Preferences of your Account, and then select Privacy and Security.  Next, under Account, click on Preferences for Groups and In-Game Friends. Under Privacy and Security, you’ll find the following new drop-down menu: 

On the following list, you can see your Trade Portal URL. The following links are used to open an account. Razer Link GameFly Humble Bundle Steam Green light Link Steam Favorites Link Steam Games Trade Group Link By default, the URL of your Trade Portal is located in your Steam Account. 

You can select this by clicking on your Steam Account at the top of the page and selecting Trade from the next window. It is recommended to do so if you ever want to remove your Account.

The STEAM Trading System

To use the Steam Trading System, you’ll need to use the Steam client on your P.C. To do this, launch Steam and sign in with your Steam account credentials.  If you’re already using the Steam client for your P.C., you can start to do trading right from the main window (see image above). To send a Steam Trade offer, open the Steam client. 

Once the Steam client is open, click the red plus icon in the lower left-hand corner of the Steam window. Next, click the Steam Inventory section in the upper-left-hand corner. Steam’s item catalog shows all of the currently owned items you have on the computer. 

Select the gear icon at the top of the window and click the search button in the upper-right corner. The search function will bring up a list of items currently available on the Steam client.

How to Enable Steam Trade Requests

To start using Steam Trade Requests, you will need to get a Steam trading key for your game.  There are two ways to do that; use one of the platforms’ trading services or create your key. If you’ve already used one of the services before or made your key, then you can skip stepping 2. Otherwise, on the trading platforms, you will want to follow these steps.

What to Expect from Your Steam Account Steam account differs by each user. So if you trade games with someone you don’t know, you may receive Steam Trade Codes in the mail or a chat message.  You can check your Steam Account by going to My Account > Account Information > Steam ID. Once you have your Steam ID, go to this link.


Steam Guard is a security feature that asks users to enter a security code after each Steam transaction. The security code will be generated after the user has completed the transaction and asked for a code. When it is successfully sent, Steam Guard will have blocked the transaction. 

The Security Code must be entered after completing every Steam transaction STEAM QUICKLY. While using Steam Quickly, it is effortless to find the ‘Buy or Sell’ option within the Trading System.


While the Steam Trading service is not free, it is quite a powerful solution for many Steam users. For this reason, we can easily say that Steam Trade is one of the best Steam Marketplace solutions for your users. Even if it is not 100% flawless, it is an excellent solution if you want something simple.

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