What are the advantages of inverter AC? Learn in details

If you know about air conditioner or AC, you may have heard of inverter AC. Inverter AC is the latest and greatest addition to the world of air conditioning technology. In this blog post you will be able to know What are the advantages of inverter AC? Learn in details.

Ordinary air conditioners run at 100% capacity. Most of the time the AC runs like this, which is not the only option. Using air conditioners at 100% capacity without using a lot of electricity is wasted. Inverter AC can solve this problem. Let’s find out more about inverter AC.

What is inverter AC?

What is an inverter air conditioner – first let’s find out the answer to this question. The concept of inverter AC is quite simple. ACs that have variable cooling speeds are called inverter ACs. Inverter AC delivers high-efficient cooling performance without using as much power as the technology of earlier days.

Ordinary air conditioners may run at 0% or 100% capacity. This means that the air conditioner is always in high capacity during use. But think of this same system through any other. Suppose you have a car that might stop or go 150 miles per hour, isn’t that weird? What is needed here is variable speed. Similarly air conditioning systems require variable capacity.

The compressor unit in the inverter air conditioner follows the proper rules for cooling. The cooling obtained through inverter AC largely depends on the room temperature and size. This means that the inverter AC does not fill the whole room with cold air but provides cooling as required.

Advantages of inverter AC

Inverter AC uses electricity in an economical way. In the case of inverter AC, the speed of the compressor depends on the working load, which results in much lower electrical costs. Let us know about the advantages of Inverter AC.

  • Since any type of inverter AC adjusts the refrigerant gas, flow rate, etc. as required, it consumes relatively less current.
  • Inverter AC can handle such a situation in case of sudden change in load due to any event.
  • The use of inverter AC can save you from the extra cost and the extra cost incurred in the beginning can be recovered in just a few years.
  • Inverter AC can be used for rooms of any size. Larger spaces consume slightly more power than smaller rooms, but much lower than other ACs.
  • The specified and desired room temperature can be maintained if the inverter AC is utilized properly.
  • Inverter AC is the best option if you want to use cooling through solar power.
  • Inverter AC can cool any space quite quickly because then it can use its full speed.
  • Noise and vibration are much lower in the case of inverter air conditioning units.

Inverter AC compressors last longer than normal AC. In the case of inverter AC, there is no need to read about the problem of AC compressor not working. This is because the compressor receives most of the damage during startup and since the inverter AC is turned on slowly, its damage is limited to the compressor.

Disadvantages of inverter AC

There is no reason to think that inverter AC means gold. Like everything, inverter air conditioners have some drawbacks. Let us know about some of the problems of using inverter AC.

  • High cost: Compared to other split or window AC, the price of inverter AC will be much higher. With Inverter AC you will get many additional features due to which its price is relatively a bit higher. But you can also look at it as an investment.
  • Higher repair costs: Inverter AC repairs or repairs cost more than ordinary AC repairs. The main reason for this is the complex structure of the inverter AC, which makes it impossible to repair without an expert technician.

Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

Now let us know the difference between inverter AC and non-inverter AC.

Non-inverter AC can only give specific output at a certain speed. As a result, the compressor of this type of AC is completely turned off and on again to maintain the required room temperature.

On the other hand, in the case of inverter AC, the speed of the compressor can be reduced according to the required heat or cooling. If additional power is required, the speed of the compressor and the amount of refrigerant will increase, while similarly cooling will require more heating capacity.

By reading the blog post we hope that you have understand about What are the advantages of inverter AC? Learn in details.

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