Which Goals are Available in Google Analytics?

If we talked about the goals which is available in Google Analytics?, then a lot of goals will come in words. They are Destination, Social, Page views, Event, Average Session Duration, User/Session, Location, Screen/Session, Transaction, Bounce Rate etc.

But basically there are 4 types of goals which is available in Google Analytics.

The 4 type of goals are:

  1. URL Destinations
  2. Average Session Duration
  3. Pages per Sessions
  4. Event Count

Do you know how important Google Analytics is for your website? Google Analytics is much needed to improve your website and business.

When you are doing your business through your website, it is very important for you to know what your website users are doing and which pages are being viewed and for how long.

Basically through google analytics, you get all the traffic information of your website. Since Google Analytics is so important for your business, so we need to know about the goals which are available in Google Analytics.

So today we are going to know about Destinations, Average Session Duration, Pages per Sessions, Event which are the goals of Google Analytics.

1. URL Destination’s Goals

URL Destination basically monitors the page URL of your website. This means that it will give you all the information about which pages your website user are going to. It contains the URL information of each page of your site.

2. Average Session Duration Goals

Through this goal you will get an average idea of ​​how long the users have been on your website. It is a very simple goal but you will have a lot of fun. This will allow you to know how your site’s services are helping your users.

If the duration time is less then you will understand that you have to make more improvements so that the next time users stay on your site for more time. These goals are very important for your site but it is very easy to manage.

3. Pages Per Session Goals

Do you know how many page views did each user of your website? This calculation is basically called page per session. This is the third goal of Google Analytics where its calculate exactly how many pages a visitor has viewed before leaving your website.

You may not find it very important at first. But you can find out how much time people are spending on your website, which is important to know for improve your site.

4. Event type Goals

The even type goal is the 4th goal of Google Analytics in which the interactions of your website visitors are tracked.

Many people find it a bit complicated. Because the events are not automatically recorded by Google. So they have to be set those manually. You can track this types of interaction by this goal:

  • Conversions with no thank you page
  • Any external links
  • Any types of button
  • Down loads any types of file.
  • Watching time of any videos.

All these you have to set manually. But it is helpful for your business.

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