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How to Change Discord Background or Discord Theme

Discord is a popular app for gamers. It’s free, easy to use, and has built-in text and voice chat features. Discord is available on almost every gaming platform out there.

So you can talk with your friends no matter what they’re using as well as share screenshots and video clips of your latest rounds of Fortinet or Call of Duty.

However, if you want to change how your Discord app looks, it’s not as easy as opening the Settings menu. Here are some tips on how to change your Discord background or theme.

Customize your Discord Background

How to change the Discord Background You can change the background of your Discord in two ways. If you have a better knowledge of how to change the theme of the Discord, you can easily change the theme of the Discord.

However, if you are not aware of these, you can change your background by editing your Theme Settings. The first option to change the background is from the Options menu, which is accessed by pressing the Menu button.

Here, you can change your Theme Settings or select an existing theme to change the background. The second option is to change your theme by editing your Appearance setting. If you are not familiar with Appearance Settings, this is the option you need to open.

How Create Your Discord Theme

Choose from these three sample Discord backgrounds to choose your own. Down load Your Name (men and women) Select Your Face to change your Discord background. You need to connect to your current chat room and then click on the Settings in the menu.

Next, you need to click on Desktop Mode. Click on Configure and then click on Advanced. Then click on Set a New Desktop Background the Menu button will appear. Click on Customize Desktop Background Now click on OK Now click on Save Settings.

In the new screen, you need to tap on Save Desktop Background. Now that your desktop background has been set, you need to create a new custom icon. For that, you need to click on App> Custom Icon > and then select a shape. You can also customize the color.

Change the color of the text

Go to Settings> Other Settings> Colors & Shades On the menu.

  • Tap on Themes Select one from the available themes.
  • Now tap on the Themes button and tap on Edit on the Theme Details page. You will choose your desired colors.
  • Select one that suits your mood.
  • You can also modify the background’s theme Navigate to your App Room Click on the Quick Settings for Geeks On the menu.
  • Scroll down to Uninstall Hidden Software
  • Now on the Hidden Software menu,
  • Find Discord and select its App on the Hidden Software page,
  • Tap on Disconnect from Local Network Now uninstall the App on your phone.

The user interface will not be active on the mobile device.

Change the color of the Background of Discord

You can change the color of the background from the option in settings. It is easy to change the theme from the settings tab. You can also change the Chat or the Custom tab. I would recommend changing the color of your background to match the overall theme of the App better.

Change the default Chat background, like changing your background. You can also change the Chat background from the options in settings. You can change it to a new one and change the color from the settings. You can also disable the default Chat background and manually choose it from the options available.

Install Bright Colors if you want to change the Chat background with bright colors, you can install Bright Colors by down loading it from this link.

Change the Font of Discord Theme

  • Click on the search tab and select “Custom Font.”
  • Once you choose the customization you want to do.
  • Click on the “Save Font” button.
  • Change color after you have saved the custom font.
  • Scroll down the page to the options section and select “Custom Colors.”
  • You can choose different colors to represent your Discord app.
  • Change icon when you choose the custom color, scroll down and select the icons section.
  • You can also pick from different icons to represent your Discord app.
  • Add description there is a small description box at the top left corner.
  • Click on it, and you will be directed to the “Add Description” menu.

You can fill in the text that you want to write or click on the checkbox to save it for the future.

What is Better Discord?

“Better” refers to a Discord background that can be selected from a bunch of them. The following is a quick recap of the essential features of Better Discord, especially the ones offered by the creator of Better Discord.

The Better Discord website describes Better Discord as “a desktop launcher application that lets you easily change the colors of your friends’ avatars, create different themes, and activate various other features of your Discord account.”

What is the Colors of Discord’s Background? To customize your Discord desktop background, you need to know the colors of your friends’ avatars. Below are some primary colors of each of the avatars. These avatars have a lot of variations.

What are the features of Better Discord?

Better Discord is one of the most popular Discord alternatives, with more than 100,000 down loads. The launcher lets you customize the visual style and access advanced features. With its latest update, it adds many powerful features like themes and popups.

Add popular themes, add animated icons, and get access to new Discord features with the help of this launcher. Better Discord has a very customizable interface, with a wide range of options and options available. With these powerful features, you can easily change your Launcher to Better Discord.

Add Popular Discord Themes you can easily change the theme of your Discord by using different themes. You can down load additional themes to match your style.

How to change the Discord background on a mobile?

  • In the mobile App, tap on the Settings icon located on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • On the Settings screen, tap on the theme and set your theme preference. 3) Tap on save the setting.
  • In the same settings screen, tap on the toggle button next to update the theme.

You will see the new theme of your newly chosen theme will appear after a while. This is the old theme of your old background.

How to change the Discord Theme on a Desktop?

  • Open the Discord desktop app, and then click on settings on the top-right corner.
  • From the settings screen, tap on the theme and set your theme preference.
  • Tap on save the setting.
  • Tap on the toggle button next to update the theme.
  • Your new and customized Discord theme will show up on your desktop. How to change the banner on the desktop app?


Better Discord is a one-of-a-kind chat app that takes the messiness of Reedit and Discord and makes it convenient and clean. Now you can become the king of your castle without having to do any muck.

The Discord app comes with several excellent features to help you get to the next level of communication with your friends and family.

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