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How To Quote on Reddit? A Comprehensive Guide

Reddit is a huge website with an enormous community of people who love to share and discuss things on the internet.  It can also be a great place to find interesting information, participate in discussions, and read funny posts! 

One way to experience this is by sharing your thoughts or articles on Reddit. This article will teach you how to quote on Reddit by providing you with some helpful tips and tools to make quoting easier for you.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media network that is supported by a group of users called Redditors. Redditors will answer your question or quote your comment in your comment box, and also they will vote in your comment box for your answer. 

They can do this at any time and for any reason. Even if someone doesn’t want to respond to your question or comment, there will be a Redditor out there who will read your comment and quote it. 

You will be able to see which Redditors have voted for your answer. You will also be able to see the text that is quoted from your comment or question. How To Quote On Reddit:

Quoting on Reddit

To quote a comment or question on Reddit, use the provided app or use the Reddit website.  How to cite on Reddit- On the Reddit website, click on the link

Select a comment and quote the comment by clicking on the “quote” icon on the right side of the comment. This will display an annotation as shown below. 

To quote a comment on Reddit: iOS, Tap on the “This comment” image to open a pop-up window and write a comment. As shown in the following pictures, you can give your name, comment and link to an image by typing it on the app. 

To quote a comment on Reddit: Android, Tap on the “This comment” image to open a pop-up window and write a comment. As shown in the following pictures, you can give your name, comment and link to an image by typing it on the app.

How to Quote on Reddit using your Smartphone App

Several apps can quote on Reddit. There are a few other ways that you can quote on Reddit, but these are not free.  If you have a monthly subscription to Reddit, you can quote from the subreddit as well.  However, most of the users have to pay to use this feature. One of the best apps for quoting on Reddit is QuoteSnack. 

This is a freemium app, and the free version lets you use the app, but you cannot post anything on Reddit. The paid version of this app enables you to quote anything on Reddit. However, the paid version of the app is expensive. You will have to pay $2.99 to use this app. 

How to quote on Reddit using website The official Reddit website has an easy to use the quote feature. All you have to do is visit the Reddit website, click on the Quote button, and a quote will appear.

How to Quote on Reddit Using the Website

How to quote on Reddit using the Firefox web browser How to quote on Reddit using the Chromium web browser Before you mention Reddit, you should know that you have to subscribe to certain subreddits. 

The subreddits will give you access to many posts or comments. You will not be able to access them directly on Reddit because they will limit your Reddit account from getting access to them. 

For Reddit to work well, you should have a healthy balance in the comments section. Signing up for a Reddit account can be tricky, but Reddit Support has made it quite easy. First, you have to set a Google or Facebook account to create a new account on Reddit.

How to Reply with a Quote

As soon as you quote a comment on Reddit, you can click on the Quote option, which will allow you to reply with a quote.  After you mention the comment, you will be allowed to Reply or Quote or press the grey quote button. You can also tap on the Quote option to add your quote. 

You will get to see your response in the thread where the reply is happening. 


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