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How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

The internet is ever-changing. You have to stay on top of how it’s changing to keep up with the times. This is especially true when it comes to making money online. Making money online can be difficult because there are so many ways to do so, all with different levels of success. 

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

However, if you want to make some decent income without showing your face or sharing anything personal, Onlyfans may be the answer for you. 

What is OnlyFans? 

Onlyfans is an app where you can sign up and post photos and videos of what you’re doing right now for people who pay a monthly subscription fee. 

The model is similar to YouTube channels but instead of earning ad revenue or having.

Who can Join OnlyFans?

You can join Onlyfans if you have an approved reader. There are 3 Different types of users; 

  1. Activate: your name is approved by an editor in writing. : Your name is approved by an editor in writing. 
  2. Approved: your name is approved by a moderation team. A moderation team approves your name.
  3. Unapproved: your name is unapproved by the moderation team.

You can send messages to Onlyfans community by email, but there are some restrictions like we won’t accept your application without other verification procedures such as proof of address or proof of employment. 

Make Money on Onlyfans It is effortless to make money on online, you can earn a few hundred dollars, for every friend you get, for each paid post on your page, and you can reach millions of visits and money.

How to Create an Anonymous Account on OnlyFans

First of all, you have to create an anonymous account. Go to any website, make an account, and if you are the first account created, it will be in white. If it’s another profile, it will be in red. If you are not the first, you can start from the 2nd or 3rd account. 

If it’s completely anonymous, you will see a white background. If your name is also there in the white background, you can’t make an anonymous profile. If you like the profile, you can buy it. On the right side of the page, you will see a function called “buy profile.” 

On the buy profile, you can see how many profiles you can buy.

How Much Money Can You Make on Onlyfans? 

According to the website, Onlyfans pays a tiny amount. In other words, with a small price tag, you can make up to 40 dollars.

Create an anonymous email account

Even you are not shown any feature in your profile, and you have to make an email profile so that your details can be shown only when you log in into your profile. 

We have given you few tips on that in the last part of this guide for making money on Onlyfans and staying anonymous on this platform. So, create an anonymous email account and make a new email id. These are the emails that can make you earn more money on Onlyfans: [email protected] 

Have a unique title to appear on Onlyfans This tip is essential, you have to show different titles in your profile to make it appear in the search engine easily.

Create a fake name or nickname

How do we generate an anonymous name? The best way to do it is to create a fake name or nickname. It is not necessary that you have to make an entirely different phony name, create something like Mary McCleary.

Create a lot of nicknames, add them to a group and comment on them to prove that you are not a bot, don’t forget to put the name of the group. In most cases, you can ask someone who is you are, but in few cases, you can make money by getting a few friends to join you. 

Spread catfishing! You can apply catfishing! This is the best and most effective way of making money on Onlyfans. You can catch other members doing such things and then report them to the Onlyfans group. It’s a huge plus, right?

How to Stay Anonymous on ONLY FANS without Showing your Face

Before start using Onlyfans tools, you have to meet its Rules. This is the golden rule for you, whenever you try to use Onlyfans, to make money, you have to follow the rule of best, or at least we hope you follow best rules and learn some great tips and tricks to make money quickly on Onlyfans.

Yes, Onlyfans has its limitations, they are there in every rule book to know, and it’s also good to know that there are a couple of rules to learn. Each one of you has to follow the rules and act according to the rules. 

  1. RULE 1. Click, Like and Comment only when you are logged in to the website
  2. RULE 2.Don’t Sell and Promote your Likes on social media. OnlyLikes for Onlyfans is only for your business or personal promotional purposes. Could you not use it to spam other users? 

How to Keep your profile photos private.

Unlike social media profiles, the Onlyfans service has an added feature to keep your profile photos private. But for using this feature to hide your identity, you have to subscribe to our premium accounts. 

Post-Onlyfans linkon social media platforms Like many brands, Onlyfans offers this as a feature on its service, but in reality, it is not practical, no matter how you try. 

If you post our Onlyfans link on a Facebook page or website, the Onlyfans people will know you are posting the link. And like other businesses, even Facebook will ban you. See another way to make money on Onlyfans. 

Avoid using location services.

Never use location services on your Smartphone or any other the device you use for the internet because it helps us track where you are now.

It also allows Onlyfans look for you. Do not link your Facebook account. Avoid connecting your Facebook account with your just because you want to promote some products or brands in a particular area and there is no need for doing so.

Avoid using any forum accounts Avoid linking any discussion accounts with your Just, so they won’t know where you are, and they will forget about you soon. Do not post pictures with your friends. Do not upload photos with your friend because Onlyfans may take photos of you if you are someone they know.

Don’t upload anything that can identify you.

Unless you want to show your and name to millions of fans on Onlyfans, don’t upload personal photos or videos.  You should avoid uploading your face in the images, and this is the most significant benefit for the users of Onlyfans. 

After uploading the images, don’t choose the photos with your face on.  Also, don’t show your face while making the video. Start uploading pictures and videos to get a short review of your works there are hundreds of thousands of users on Onlyfans, more than your count.

So please down load as many photos as you can, and only upload the images and videos, if you want to be visible on Onlyfans. When uploading the images, you can choose two free actions for upload, an option for both time and pictures.

The Best Ways to Make Money on OnlyFans

Step 1: Make real fans for yourself. Keep a personal profile on Onlyfans so that anyone can join, like and follow your profile. Having real fans will allow you to make money as there are no bots, but there are real people on Onlyfans.

To get real fans, you need to make a profile. You can use many free personal profile services, but you’ll have a problem completing your profile if you don’t have good grammar. That’s why I choose Onlyfans, as I know it’s the best when it comes to creating an authentic profile. The good thing is, it’s free, and you can make real fans.

Step 2: Find your niche. Remember to choose Onlyfans to have true fans. You need to have a niche on Onlyfans and don’t become boring.


I have stated that you can Make Money on Onlyfans by following the simple Strategy. Follow the steps carefully so that you will successfully remain hidden on Onlyfans and earn good money.

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