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YouTube Private vs Unlisted – Both Are Deferent?

Have you ever wanted to share a video with a friend but didn’t want anybody else to find it? Or have you ever wanted to share a video with a large group of people but didn’t want to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Or have you ever wanted a video to be a secret but didn’t want to delete it, so it’s not on your channel at all? YouTube has a solution for all of these problems. It’s called Unlisted and Private videos. In this blog post, I’ll teach you the difference between Unlisted and Private videos and how to use them.

YouTube Private VS Unlisted

If you are planning to make YouTube video private, then here is how to do it:

  1. Before uploading any video, make sure the video is in the public domain. Don’t try to make a video private to annoy other people because this could backfire. 

Remember, no copyright infringement is allowed on YouTube, and this rule applies to you as well.  If you do a YouTube video, and it violates any copyright, you will be banned from uploading new videos. Therefore, do not try to do this.

  1. For making your video private, go to your settings section. First of all, click on Privacy and Security. 

You can see all the settings by going to Account and Privacy and then selecting Privacy.  Under the section, select the video and choose the video you are going to upload.

Private YouTube video

Not only do you need to know the difference between private and unlisted YouTube videos, but you also need to know about YouTube verification. 

Now come to the main question. What is a Private YouTube video? the answer is when you upload a video on your channel, and after uploading, you select it for Private, then some selective user can see it, but it does not appear on your channel playlist.

Unlisted YouTube video

As mentioned in the first point, unlisted YouTube videos are invisible to viewers who don’t know your YouTube channel.  If you use some text to point visitors to a video and add your channel URL, unlisted videos won’t be visible. 

If your video is unlisted, you won’t be able to view it anymore because it will not show up in any results. As mentioned in the first point, unlisted YouTube videos are invisible to viewers who don’t know your YouTube channel. 

If you use some text to point visitors to a video and add your channel URL, unlisted videos won’t be visible. 

How to make a video Public, Private or Unlisted on YouTube?

To make a video public or private, you will need to select one of the options for posting a video to YouTube.  Even though you want to let the public see your video, there is a more effective to attract visitors to your YouTube channel.  They can only see the video if they have an account with the site, which is a requirement. 

If you want to attract more viewers to your YouTube video, you can make the video private or unlisted. Follow these steps to do this –

  • Very first log in into your channel
  • Open YouTube studio
  • After opening the studio, Go to uploaded videos
  • Click on Privacy settings
  • Hit on the current visibility
  • Now change the video option Public to Private or unlisted.
  • Save
  • You are done.

Advantage of Making a Video as “Private”

It is recommended that your viewers can be able to find your YouTube video easily by going directly to your site.  If you make your video private, your viewers will have to click on the “Full Screen” button to see your video. 

This will give you the benefit of making your video look better.  Since your video will be private, the search engines will not index it. So you can expect more viewership from it. But this will pose some challenges for you. For instance, your viewers will not be able to “Like”, “Comment,” or “Share” your video on any social media website. 

To get more views on your video, you will have to encourage your viewers to view it.  Just make sure your video is viewable to everyone.

Advantage of Making a Video as “Unlisted”

YouTube unlisted videos can be previewed and easily shared without having a link to the video. These types of videos will not appear on YouTube SERP. Unlisted means are not visible to the public. 

If you want to reach a specific audience, you cannot find it on other sources, and then YouTube unlisted is a good option.

Advantages of Making a Video as “Private”

Making a video as private is a great option as well. People who want to access your channel or view your video only if you invite them can see it.  In that case, you can request only people who would find your video helpful.

I hope you enjoy the article; my humble request is that if you find it helpful, and then shares it more and more. 

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