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How to Get Ungated on Amazon – A Special Guide

How to Get Ungated on Amazon: A Guide for Beginners Amazon’s seller ranking system is based on feedback and product reviews.  Seller ranking means the items you sell has a rank, and it can be increased by getting positive feedback and high-quality ratings. 

The higher your rank is, the more likely you will get noticed by Amazon’s algorithm and customers looking for products to buy.  However, as soon as your seller ranking falls below a certain level, Amazon will lock your account. 

The best way to avoid this is by getting ungated as early as possible. Here are some ways that will help you get ungated on Amazon.

Ungated On Amazon: let’s discuss it

Amazon has a few different ways to determine if you’ve been ungated on the website. By getting approval to sell in a restricted category, you’ll know you’re good to go. Depending on how long the category takes to review your application.

The approval process could take a couple of days or even a week or two. The majority of categories need a review before being ungated, but there are a few exceptions. In these categories, you need to have a review within a single day. 

Also, the reviews have to be positive. If you get a poor-quality review and reviews are overwhelmingly negative, your product is unlikely to be ungated. Depending on the category, the overall approval process can take a couple of days.

Amazon restricting some categories: What are the reasons?

Amazon restricts some of its categories to avoid a lot of clutter on the website.  You might think one category will help make your store stand out, but the company is trying to keep customers from being overwhelmed. 

If you’re not in a restrictive category, that means you’re in an all-inclusive category. Amazon didn’t want people having to sort through one page’s worth of products to find what they were looking for. Amazon also limits the types of products allowed to be sold in each category. 

How do I get ungated on Amazon?

In the process of selling on Amazon, you’ll need first to create an Amazon Seller Account. That’s what you use to get your products listed on the website, and it also gives you the ability to sell in Amazon’s restricted categories.

After you create your Seller Account, you’ll submit a questionnaire to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, or fulfillment centre, to verify your products are legitimate. After the fulfillment centre looks over your questionnaire, it will approve you for selling on Amazon. 

You’ll then receive a verification code that’s good for a specific amount of time, usually around 48 hours.  Once you use the code, you’ll be able to go to a page that will tell you if you’ve been approved or not.

Send a Finalized Invoice

The first step for getting ungated on Amazon is sending in a final invoice. However, if you want your products to be featured in a prominent area on Amazon, you need to make sure that your products are up to the company’s standards. 

This means that you need to submit an invoice with complete details and invoices that are formatted correctly.  Your invoice needs to include: your Amazon Seller ID and unique Amazon seller code, proof that you own the rights to the goods, and proof that you’ve sold or delivered a minimum number of units.

That’s why you need to submit a final invoice to get ungated. You can even use your ecommerce platform or accounting software to get the information you need to get your invoices appropriately printed.

Pay extra attention to the address

One of the key differences between how to get ungated on Amazon and other categories is that there are specific things you’ll need to do to get your products into each restricted category. 

Instead of sending in an application and just hoping they will review it, you will need to contact the brand you’d like to sell your product in and request a gated approval. 

You will need to mail your application in with your packing list and receipts. Also, be sure to have all of the information they need, such as a copy of your sales report and orders received. 

You’ll need to send in your application with an amount you think your total sales have been worth. If you have any concerns about how the brand will respond to your application, don’t apply.

Choose Recognizable Brands

Gated categories on Amazon are reserved for a specific number of brands. This means that you can’t create a website or create an Amazon store that sells a wide range of products. 

To get gated in one of the well-known categories, you need to sell a brand that Amazon believes will appeal to a specific type of customer.  You also need to have a proven track record of selling similar products in the category to earn trust from Amazon. 

Keep in mind that the company only trusts certain brands in each of the restricted categories, and it will take a few months before you’re approved to sell in a brand-specific gated category. Research the brand, its demographics, and its pricing

Before you can sell products in a gated category on Amazon, you need to research the brand’s demographics.

Use an Amazon ungating service

Amazon has several ungating services you can use to apply for ungating in one of the company’s restricted categories. There are both paid and free versions of the application process. 

The free version of the application process provides you with a link to a seller account form to enter information and complete an application.  The paid version of the application process is more complete and quicker to complete, but it has a $20 fee per category that you’re trying to apply to. 

Even if you pay the $20 fee, though, there’s no guarantee you’ll be ungated.  You’ll still have to use Amazon’s standard application process, which is a good idea. You need first to pick out a category that you think would make sense to apply to.

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