5 Facts | Keyword Planner Can Do All These Things Except:

Google Keyword Planner is a very known tool for every Digital Marketers. Google Keyword Planner tools are also popular as the best free keyword research tools for every beginner blogger. But  5 point which Keyword Planner Can Do All of These Things Except:

  1. Partial Match Keyword Finding.
  2. Search volume trending Keyword finding.
  3. Keywords Golden Ratio (KGR) finding.
  4. Historical or Loss keywords finding.
  5. Exact Keywords competition level analyzing.

Here are five tips that are incredibly important for bloggers. Especially those who are new to blogging.

so they can find the gateway of a “success-blogging” carrier.

Keyword Planner Can Do All of These Things Except these 5 very important steps. Here you can learn important tricks to overcome those 5 points to optimize your blogs in SERP also.

1.Partial Match Keyword Finding:

it is important whenever you want to blog on a micro-niche topic.

The partial Match keywords are very important for you because they can bring a lookalike audience for you by varying the keywords competition.

Practical Example: 

if your seed keyword is “Weight Loss Product” then you are in high competition.so, it’s difficult to rank your blog in that keywords on any fresh or new website as a beginner.

but you can work on partial match keywords which is for example “Best weight loss diet review for…… “.

The solution:

for Free: use Whatsmyserp google chrome extension.
for Paid: and Better Result: use Semrush, Ahref, Moz, etc.

2.Search volume trending Keywords finding:

If you want to target any event then you must have to be familiar with the Keyword search trending.

 Practical Example:

for example your blog targeting keywords is “Happy new year wishing picture” and you want to rank those keywords in March or April to capture all of this million of traffic.

which traffic per month volume is million as per google keywords planner.

but the real thing is you got nothing in these keywords on those months. because the keyword search volume depends upon the social trending.

The solution:

use Google Trend to check the keywords search volume overview. (It is a free tool provided by Google.)

3.Keywords Golden Ratio (KGR) finding:

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a modern technique to find those keywords which have very low competition.
as low as zero competitions and the monthly search volume is approximately 250.

so you can easily rank your blog on google search number one position by simply indexing your page URL on Google search console.

but Google Keyword Planner search data can not help your KGR research.

because Keywords Planner can give you only nonspecific average search volume data.

The solution:

use Ahref to find below 200 visitor monthly search keywords and check manually for KGR capability on that keywords.

however, this is paid process. not free at all. but you can download the KGR spreadsheet for free.
you can check this article to know about the full KGR method here.

4.Historical or Loss keywords finding:

If you wrote any blog you may see that your blog is also ranking on many others keywords as usual.
those are not targeted or seeds keywords.

these keywords are also giving you a minimal quantity of traffic per month.

but these keywords are simultaneously changing after any google algorithm update.

that’s why you lose little traffic which is unrecoverable with Google Keywords Planner website search data.

because it only shows you the average ranking keywords of your website or URL.

The solution:

use Google Analytics or Google’s new Search console’s analytics.

all are free tools from google.

5.Exact Keywords competition level analyzing:

you can not find Keywords competition level or in other words, Keywords Difficulty score.

Practical Example:

if you see the point one example then you saw; it’s hard to analyze the particular keywords that how many bloggers are working upon the same keyword.

so if the competition is too high then you want to beat too many website Blog pages.

if the competition is low then you have the best chance of ranking on the 1st page of google search.

but Keyword planner does not show the matrics of keywords difficulty.

The solution:

for free:

you can use the free Moz tool’s trial periods for keyword difficulty checking.
just need only email signup.

for Paid:

use Ahref, Semrush or Moz paid tools.

Is Keywords Planner a worse tool for Keyword research according to Beginner?

the answer is no.

because this tool is designed for google advertisers, not for the general users.

the main thing is advertisers are happy with this tool by successfully promote their business.

the CPC or bid value is nothing but an advertizer’s ads per click value.

It is not AdSense CPC value.

you can check any website’s monthly estimate profit from the Adsense profit calculator.

Is Keywords Planner have limited features for beginners?

if you run any ads on google then you can unlock some keywords optimization facility.
It’s only with a Limited campaign period.

the extra core facilities are-

⦁ keyword trending graph measurement facility.

⦁ local keywords finding facility.

⦁ related keywords finding facility.

⦁ CPC optimization facility.

and many more.

if you want to know all about google ads then google has a free certificate program for you.
enroll yourself as a google citified digital marketer now.

Few more important Question :

What is CPC ?

the costs divided by the number of clicks an ad receives on a SERP is the CPC value of any keywords.

What is an impression?

each appearance of an ad on a SERP counts as an ad’s impressions.

Are dynamic search ads helpful?

dynamic search ads would be most helpful for the whole entire website or partial website ads covering.
no need for keyword management. google set it automatically.

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