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2 Easy way | How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in the world after Facebook. Everyone uses the YouTube app more or less. We can watch as many videos as we want through these apps and watch them whenever we want.

But what if you never find your favorite video in YouTube apps anymore? How you can watch deleted YouTube videos? Maybe you will then select your watch letter option but what if you can’t find that video there either?

Well that happens to many people sometimes. They want to know how to watch deleted YouTube videos. So, today we will try to find a solution to this problem.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Well there is more than one way to watch deleted videos. The ways:

  1. Search the Video with URL
  2. Watch the video without URL

This two simple way help you to watch the deleted YouTube videos. Now I’m gonna explain those steps.

1. Search the Video with URL:

(i) Log into YouTube:

When you go to watch the deleted video via URL, you must first login to your YouTube. Since you do not know the URL of the video, you need to somehow copy the URL of the video.

So you need to check your YouTube’s “Watch History”. If you don’t find that video there then you have to go to your Watch Later option.

But if you don’t have that video even in your “Watch Later” option, then you will find that video in the “Liked Video” option. Then copy the URL of the video.

(ii) Visit

Now you will open a new browser page via mobile or computer and go to After going to that website you will see in a search box top of there.

(iii) Paste the URL into search bar:

Now you have to enter the URL of your favorite video into search bar amd press the “Search” icon.After entering the link in the search box, you will get the desired video and you will be able to watch the deleted youtube videos again.

But another problem is if you do not have a URL for that deleted YouTube videos, then how can you watch that video? Well there is a simple solution too for this problem. We have to follow second way for solve this problem.

2. Watch the video without URL:

  • Go to your chrome browser and search “ name of your favourite video”.
  • If you type in Google search like this, Google will then present to you all the videos associated with this name from the YouTube database.
  • This way you will get very close to getting your desired video.
  • Then simply copy the URL of the video and go to and follow the first method. Then you can watch the deleted YouTube videos.
  • Moreover, if you know that this video shares this video such as Facebook Twitter Instagram, then you can also search like “ + your video” or “ + your Video”.

That is basically a good method if you do not have the URL of that deleted video. If you follow our steps, it will be very easy for you to find deleted videos.


Our internet world is a huge and spacious place. There is nothing in the internet world that is not possible to know. YouTube is a small part of this internet world and here you can easily find videos that suit your needs.

In today’s content I have shown you how to find your favorite video if it is deleted from YouTube. By following these two methods above, you can easily watch deleted YouTube videos.

If you know of a simpler and more beautiful way than these two, please let us know. And if you fail to get your desired video by following these two methods, then we are very sorry. Maybe this video has been completely deleted from the internet server.

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