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How to Use the Boolean Search on LinkedIn

Ever wanted to do a Boolean search on LinkedIn? You can! It is a feature that allows you to search for people by keywords. So you can find people that match your keyword in any combination of these words. Want to find professionals in the field of social media marketing?

Do a keyword search for “social media marketing.” Want to find all the people in this country who have studied at Harvard University? This article will teach you how to use the Boolean search on LinkedIn to achieve your needs.

What is a LinkedIn Boolean search?

Here are the most common ways to do LinkedIn Boolean search: Narrowed Audience You can narrow your target audience down to specific skills you are looking for. 

You can limit your keywords to particular vocabulary, phrases, and other specifically exciting attributes.  To do that, you can look at the images in the right-hand column on your search results.  Make sure you are looking for specific keywords in the keywords you include in your profile. 

To find the proper keywords for your job title, select the Actions in your profile -> Search Actions. Check the resulting data by simply clicking on the ad by a skill.  You can also read the descriptions of each of the skills. This will allow you to narrow down your search to specific skills.

The Basics of Boolean Search

There are several ways to find out more information about a person on LinkedIn. Work Search Many people look for jobs online. Still, job seekers should know that LinkedIn is a professional networking site. 

It is an automated system that will find the best matches to increase your chances of getting the most suitable person (clients). To build professional connections, you need to use search operators to maximize the potential of your account. 

Property Search To find out more about a person interested in real estate, you should use the property search operator. When you use this search operator, you will find out if the person has specific interests and helps you get to know how much the person is interested in the subject.

What are the 6 Boolean operators?

There are six Boolean operators that you can use to create a logical statement.  These operators will help you make decisions and tell the computer what to do. They are: AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NOR and NAND. AND is used to combine two statements together. 

It’s written as “A” AND “B.” This means that both A and B must be valid for the statement to be true. OR is just like AND but with an exception: either A or B may be true for the statement to be true. 

NOT is used when you want to make a false statement and make it accurate by reversing it (“not A”). XOR is the same as OR but instead of being able to.

How to find people in a specific industry

How to find people in a specific country LinkedIn allows you to search for potential clients based on the specific country information.  LinkedIn allows you to create a Boolean search by clicking the “Filter by keyword” option in the drop-down menu. 

Next, you can enter the field of industry. This will then list all the people who work in that specific industry. So, if you want to find people who work in the design industry, you could filter people who use the tag “design,” As a result, you’d get all the people who work in the design industry. 

You could also add the category or a specific field (for example, “advertising,” or “design”) to your search query.

How to find People by Industry, Location, and Company

In this section, we’ll describe how you can find the people you’re interested in, i.e., people in your industry, people in your target audience, and people that work at your company. There are several ways to search through your database of prospects to find people like yourself. 

First of all, there is a search based on geo tags. When you choose your location, LinkedIn will allow you to narrow the search by choosing a country. To find people interested in your company, for example, you can choose the US or the UK. You can also narrow the search by specifying the location of your leads. 

In this case, you can choose Australia, Canada, China, or Hong Kong. The same thing goes for selecting the geography, e.g., Western Europe, South America, or Japan.

How to use the search operators “or,” “and,” and “not.”

This is one of the advanced methods. It has a high volume of potential clients. But it would be best if you started thinking of this method long before researching the field for people and jobs you want to target. 

When you type “or” in your search strings, you get three options: Products that I like or do like Services that I am willing to perform People.


If you have all the great content you want to publish in your posts on LinkedIn, you must test the content.  LinkedIn can be used effectively to show off your skills and attract potential clients.  Your objective is to market your skills on LinkedIn to make a lasting impression, as LinkedIn is a marketing platform where people spend a great deal of time browsing.

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