How to Reverse a YouTube Playlist

There are many reasons to reverse a YouTube playlist. You can watch an end credits sequence or recap of the movie you just watched backwards, for starters. You can also watch videos in reverse.

How to Reverse a YouTube Playlist

How to reverse a YouTube playlist For the reasons mentioned above, we have prepared this step-by-step method that helps you to reverse a YouTube playlist in just a few easy steps. So let’s go straight ahead and try it now.

Step 1: Click on the YouTube homepage and play the desired video. Click on the play button.
Step 2: When you click on the play button, you will see three tabs “Home”, “Incoming”, and “Edit”. Open the “Edit” tab and set “Copy URL to Clipboard” as per your need.
Step 3: Go to the next tab, “Playlists”, and click on the link below. This will open a list of all your playlists.
Step 4: Click on the play button, and the video will be played.
Step 5: Repeat this process every time a video is added to your playlist.
Apart from this, here are few more tips to reverse a YouTube playlist.


Step 1: Install Playback loop

Down load the latest version of Playback loop for your android device from here. Then install using the following procedure. Open Playback loop and go to the Menu -> Settings -> Launch Browser. Then search

Click on Down load Now to start down loading. Once down loaded, open the app and click on the gear icon to open the settings panel. Click on + sign in the upper right corner and install the application.

Step 2: Search for the playlist you want to watch and hit the start button

Once installed, open and click on the watch a playlist from the top menu.

Reverse a playlist on the web

iTunes: You can use iTunes to reverse a YouTube playlist. Here is what you need to do:

Use iTunes to link a playlist to iTunes. You have to add the playlist to your library. Follow these instructions on iTunes and sync the playlist. Link your YouTube account to iTunes. Then, sync the playlist to your library, and you are good to go.


If iTunes does not recognize the playlist, open YouTube, right-click on the video and click on the Settings option. Click on the Library option and set the videos to Related Videos. 

In this way, the videos would be displayed as a list on your Library page.

Reverse a Playlist on the Mobile

Make sure that you are on a phone/tablet and not on a desktop.

  1. Down load YouTube on your Smartphone
    Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet and navigate to YouTube.
  2. Open the YouTube app on your phone/tablet and search for the desired video/series
    The video will be playing in reverse order, which means that it starts from the beginning. So you have to select the video you want to play in reverse manually.

The easiest way to select the video is to move your finger up and down on the screen, which will choose the video or series you want to play.
When you are done with selecting the video, tap on the following video. Repeat the process for every single video.

  1. Once you are done selecting the videos click on the back button.

Here are the steps to do:

Step Two: Set up and Launch

Step Three: Get a playlist online to watch reverse.

Step Four: Enter the URL of the Playlist.

Step Five: Select the playlist and hit the “Playlist” button.

Step Six: The playlist will start playing in reverse order.

If all the steps above are executed successfully, you will be able to watch the playlist in reverse order. I hope this helps you.

Reverse a playlist with the help of an app

If you cannot reverse a YouTube playlist, you can go for an app that can do this job for you.  There are many apps in the Google Play Store that can do this job for you, and if we talk about the most famous one, then the ultimate android app to play a YouTube playlist in reverse is called Ocarina.

This is not an app for beginners but is simple and easy to use. It has an attractive interface and does a simple job. To play a YouTube playlist in reverse, open the app and click on the play button. You will see a menu icon and click on that. 

Then the playlists you have added to the playlist list will play on top of the current playlist and will stop when the playing of the playlist ends.


I think you get the answer, if so then what are for you waiting. Please share it with your friends and family circle. Read Helpful Tips.

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