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How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp With or Without any Apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting platforms in the world. It’s also free to use, which is excellent for those looking to save on international data. However, sometimes you may feel like its default font style limits you.

How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp With or Without any Apps

 Luckily, there are a few ways to allow you to change the font style on WhatsApp without an app or with third-party apps. 

You can use these methods to change your font style to anything from Comic Sans to Courier New…whatever floats your boat!

Change the Font in Your WhatsApp Chat with Using Third-party App

Adding a personal touch to your WhatsApp chat is a great way to express your style.  Plenty of third-party apps allow you to change the font in your chat that can help you spice up your conversations.

Down load Stylish Text App

In the Stylish Text app, tap on Settings and Advanced, which you will find under the General tab. 

Next, choose the type of font you want to use in your chat. There are many presets available, but you can pick your own to customize your WhatsApp chats.

Select a New Font

Once the app is installed on your phone, open it to select a font.  There are over 5 million different fonts available within the app, which you can scroll through, picking one. It’ll appear in the current chat. 

Tap on the app icon and select a font to use for the chat, and it will automatically get applied to the conversation. Choose a Color the font colors can be chosen from the same dropdown menu. Tap on that, and it will display all the colors it has to offer. 

Tap on one, and it will get applied to the chat. Customize Custom Fonts What if you’d like to get your Font or your favorite Font tweaked in the app? 

There’s are multiple options to do this. Once you’re in the app and found a new text conversation, tap on the emoji icon to open the emoji-icon (EIOU) menu.

Change the Font of Your Current Message

Once installed, launch the app, and then from the three dots on the top right corner, click on ‘Edit. You will be taken to a settings page to configure the font by clicking on the ‘Font’ option. 

You can now fine-tune the fonts by changing the size and color, selecting the language type that supports it, and deleting some of the fonts. 

Note: Changing the Font of a conversation is limited to the person you are messaging on WhatsApp. 

For example, if a contact you are chatting with sends a message with a font style or color that you don’t like, you won’t change that.

Fancy Font android app

Down load Custom Post Type by Font fabric Why use text messages when you can write them in a font that makes them look stylish. Fancy font is one of the best free Android apps to create beautiful customized text messages. 

You can also include custom photos, illustrations, text messages, location stamps, quotes, as well as images, line breaks, colors, and more. If you’re a daily WhatsApp user and want to put your creations on a personal level, you’ll love this app. 

The fancy font has a variety of fonts to choose from, along with custom scripts and symbols. You can get the app for free. But you’ll have to pay to down load additional fonts.

Steps to change WhatsApp font without using Apps

The new feature can be accessed by selecting from the preview the full-page picture, very specific, or part of the body text. The user then can choose between these modes to see a more creative appearance on the messages, which can also be disabled and displayed by default.

So that, of course, you don’t feel different. If you prefer the old look, select the Preview Option. Thus the user can see how the body text is going to be displayed on the main picture.

Of course, you can change the size and the font family, and there is also a check box for eye-catching, the users can add frames, and a long list of other options. That way, users can control the way it looks to them.

How to Change the Font on WhatsApp

Here is the easy way to do it. 

Bold Font

This feature is excellent for making necessary announcements or emphasizing key points that you want to stand out. It also gives you the ability to create a more individualized text. 

WhatsApp is now adding the ability to make bold text. 

You can add an asterisk () before the text that you want to make Bold. For example, when I type hi, hello will appear in bold. 
You need to delete the asterisks or use another word like (goodbye) to un-bold it.

Italic Font

Italic text is not only fun to write; it’s also a creative way to emphasize words and phrases. Add an underscore in front and after the string of words you want in italics to italicize text.

Italic text is a way of drawing attention to something, such as when you want to emphasize a word without bold or underlining. 

For example, I used underscores in the above sentence to make “Hi” appear in italics. 

You can make texts italic by adding an underscore before and after the text. For example, in this chat, write_ it makes it italic.

Italic Text

Italic Text is set with double slashes (//) or single backslash (‘). Change Font is set by long-tapping any text in your chat box and select the font you want. Finally, WhatsApp also supports Monospace font, which you can check by long-tapping on any text.
You might notice that the text is not italicized. That’s because you’re using a monospace font. When writing in a monospaced font, you need to add three back ticks (“`) at the beginning and end of each line. 
You can also change the font by long-tapping on any text in your chat box and scrolling right from the options.


Strikethrough text is a way of showing that you’re correcting or iterating on what you’ve previously written. It’s like fixing an error in an academic paper, but it also gives your writing a bit of flair.
To write this type of Font, First type your sentence and type the ~ symbol before and end. 
And you are done. Example: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE

How to Change WhatsApp font in an iPhone

You can change the size of the text in WhatsApp on your iPhone by changing the text size from device settings. You can do this by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size and choosing from one option. But a little sad news is you can’t change fonts in iPhone. 


WhatsApp offers a variety of features that help you to customize your chats. One of these features includes changing the font style. 

I hope you can understand how to change the font style in WhatsApp effortlessly on both Android and iOS devices without down loading any third-party app on your phone and with some latest apps. 

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