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How to Find the Publisher for a Website – A Definitive Guide

The simplest method is to find out from the content that a website is owned and managed by a company or organization.

How to find who is behind a website

Find out the name of the company, or the name of the individual owner of the website. For instance, I have a website that was created for me by a firm that is offering its services through many other websites. 

Therefore, I should check out the list of websites that they host. Click on any of the following websites to access their page. Find out more information about a website.

  • Type the website’s website address in the search box of a search engine.
  • Click on Search
  • Type the keyword “Company Name”.
  • Click on “Who owns this website?”
  • Enter the name of the website owner.
  • You are done.

Check out the Copyright notice in the Footer

You can use the copyright notice on the website to identify the website’s publisher. The copyright notice is a small snippet that appears at the bottom of every webpage on a website, it includes the publisher’s name and contact details in case you want to make a request for information or file a complaint. 

If you check this notice, you should see the publisher’s name. For example, if you have been viewing the website of “Discover the Ultimate Source for Freelance Writing” and you see the copyright notice at the bottom of every webpage.

Then it means that you are viewing content that has been produced and posted by the owner of this website. You can also get an idea of the publisher of the website by visiting the page index.

Check out the Author Bio Section 

The author section of a website generally contains the bio of the person who created the article. It is always important to know the author who is responsible for the work you are viewing. You can access the Author Bio section of the website easily through any of the following tools.

Help of About page of the target site

The About” page of the website is an obvious place to look. This is the page that the author of the website is most likely to show you. This is where the publisher can reveal some key details about the website as well as the site’s domain name. To check out the About” page, go to the top of the home page and hit the About link on the top-right corner of the page.

In case you cannot see the About page, the website is not secured or is not hosted on a secure website hosting server. There are several ways in which you can search for this About page. You can either go to a free service like Google search or the Amazon SES or search for “about” in the search box.

These two platforms have powerful algorithms that help in tracking down the About page on a website.

Look at the Whois-Database of the website

Search the domain name owner in Search Engine. You can try . It’s very easy as simple as you read A, B, C, and D. very first you open and put your desire domain in the search box, and hit the search icon.

After doing that all details of your target website is appearing in front of you. From there you can easily find the owner of the site. Look at the following details –

  • domain name owner (name)
  • domain name owner (name)
  • domain name owner (name and contact info)

Get their Information on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most successful social networking platforms that has evolved over the years.  You can use the platform to gather information about a publisher or to reach them directly to request writing for their website.

Searching for a publisher on the Facebook platform using the search bar will give you results with the name of the author in brackets or just the author.  The most important aspect of Facebook is that it identifies the owner of the website even if it is not made visible in the website body.

Since Facebook provides the content to the website’s author or the author’s contact details, you can easily find the owner of the website by clicking on the author’s name in brackets.


Now that you know how to find the publisher of a website, you can go ahead and submit your content for publishing. 

This will help you get maximum exposure for your content, and if you publish good quality content on your website, it will also help attract visitors and bring them back to your website to read more. So, go ahead and use these methods to find the publisher of a website.

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