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Easy way – How to Get Transcript of YouTube Videos

If you want to watch a video but can’t hear it or want to read what the speaker is saying at the same time, you might be looking for a transcript of the video. Fortunately, there are a few ways to find transcripts of videos. Here are the three easiest ways to find the transcript of a YouTube video.

Why Transcribe a YouTube Video?

Transcribing a video to text is a quick and efficient way to make your online presence more professional. Video producers aren’t afraid to make their work as readily available as possible. 

With many professionals choosing to embed their videos on their websites, the text that comes with the video is handy.  That’s why you’ll probably find many that include a transcript of the video alongside the video.

Do you need to transcribe a YouTube video?

Of course, you’re not just going to turn your nose up at this article and stop yourself from transcribing a video. However, it may be that you don’t need to transcribe a YouTube video. Maybe you’re making a transcription for an email message and would rather not waste time on a YouTube video transcript.

How to Transcribe a YouTube Video

There are a few different methods for recording a YouTube video. The processes for registering a YouTube video can vary depending on your platform and how the uploader chooses to publish their videos.

Use Video Capture

Recording a YouTube video from your computer isn’t a difficult task, but there are a few different methods for doing so. The first method you can use is called video capture.

To capture a video with video capture, click on the “camera” icon next to the video player. You’ll then see a small square icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video player. Clicking on the icon will initiate a dialogue window, telling you to record a video using your webcam.

Use an Outside Automatic Transcription Tool

There are plenty of services online that will provide you with transcripts of YouTube videos for free. Most of these websites use programs such as YouTube Reader and Google Video Editor. If you want to get your hands dirty, you can down load the Google Video Editor for your use.

One good option for online transcribing is YouTube Compare, which provides user reviews, ratings, reviews, watch times and other details about several popular online video services. It can be used to compare the different services, the quality of the transcriptions and additional helpful information.

Use a Transcription App

If you are looking for a more basic transcription service that you can use to make your YouTube videos into text, check out OCR Transcription. The good news is, it’s available on the Play store. 

Use Google Docs to Transcribe YouTube Videos

There are several ways to use Google Docs to record and then edit videos. Using the Google Docs mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you can add narration, music, voice-over, and more to the video. 

This way, you can add any background sound effects you like and commentary that explains things or identifies where something is in the video. If you add narration, you can also record the video and then edit and post it later.

Another option is to use a laptop computer. If you have the appropriate software, you can create a particular YouTube account (and a Google account) to manage your YouTube channel, content, and storage settings.

Apple Dictation App: Ada Dictation by Blue shift

I used the Ada Dictation app on my Mac, but you can use it on a computer or a mobile device. Before you begin, make sure your video is in English. Apple’s app doesn’t offer a default recording option, so you’ll need to create a new one manually. 

Apple Dictation will make the transcription for you to get started without having to take the time to write or type it all out first. Once you’ve added your video, you can begin the audio recording and start dictating.

One of the best parts about using Apple Dictation is that there are pre-set speech patterns that you can try before recording. Once you do, the app can start guessing. This app made things easy for me. I used a Harry Potter-themed video to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Transcript Of YouTube Video Using Python

This method of transcribing YouTube videos requires the use of Python. It’s free and has a good community. The documentation on their site is easy to follow, but it does require some knowledge of coding, Python, and HTML5.

To learn how to do it, head on over to Code academy and check out the course list. If you can’t find a course that meets your needs, try our coding Prompts site for a more basic introduction to Python. From there, you can select a method that best suits your needs and move on to learning how to transcribe videos using Python.

If you get this article helpful, then share it and if I miss any other option, let me knock in the comment box.

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