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How to Delete Disapproved AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising program, as of 2011, and was launched by Google in early 2003. You can think of AdSense as the search engine’s version of Google AdWords. What is AdWords? AdWords is the best-known advertising program, allowing publishers to offer their links for sale in exchange for money.

It’s the most popular advertising program on the Internet. Search engines such as Google offer various search advertising solutions to publishers:

Location-based advertising Social Media advertising Display advertising Paid content advertising AdWords works on desktop and mobile devices, though it’s also usable online through the “AdWords toolbar.

How does Google AdSense work?

First of all, let’s understand how AdSense works. According to Google, Google AdSense is a technology that is aimed at websites that display advertisements.

So basically, the program targets websites that allow an advertisement to be displayed on their pages. AdSense allows the website to get paid when someone clicks on the link provided and then goes to a third-party website and places the same advertisement.

How Does AdSense Work? Like other advertising programs, Google AdSense offers publishers a choice of the kinds of advertisements they want to display on their pages.

The choices include text, banners, pop-ups, animated wallpapers, and video ads. The decision of where to place each type of advertisement is left up to the publisher.

Why You Should Delete Your Adsense Account

How to save your Adsense Account You should delete your Adsense Account because there are many different reasons you want to delete your account.

Since there are so many options and processes, you should choose the option that will have the most favorable result. 

Good Reasons To Delete Your Adsense Account 

  • 1. You will not receive any more money. You don’t get paid for your ad clicks if your account has been deleted. If you don’t get any money for your Google Adsense account, you want to clear your account. 
  • 2. You don’t want your ad account to appear on Google’s Safe Search. With your AdSense Account deleted, you won’t be able to display AdSense ads anywhere on Google’s site.

Steps to Delete Disapproved Google AdSense account

  1. Go to your registered Google Account or Gmail Account
  2. You can find the account option in the top right corner of your Gmail window.
  3. Click on the manage account option.
  4. After that, you can see the “Payment and subscription” option in the list.
  5. Next, hit on Manage payment method.
  6. After clicking on the last option, a new window will appear in front of you with the Setting option.
  7. Now, hit on the setting option and move down where you can find another chance, “Close payment profile.” Just slap on this.
  8. After doing that, a pop window will appear on your screen where they ask for a valid closing reason.
  9. Select any one option from the list, and click on continue.
  10. Now, another window will open on your screen and ask for further confirmation. If you are determined, then click on Close payment method; otherwise, select Cancel.
  11. Now, check your mailbox; you will see a confirmation mail from the Google Adsense team in your inbox.
  12. After completing all this process, you are done.

How to remove Adsense account from blogger

Do you want to remove your AdSense account from your blogger website? You can use this service: Steps to delete your Adsense account.

  • Step one: Login to your AdSense account, log in to your Google account, choose an email account from that account. You will see the two following sections. Click on View Adsense account.
  • Step two: Clean your Browser and downl oad any cookies. Go to your Google account. Click on the cleaner Google account button. Then choose the option selected to clean Browser. Then click on delete and confirm.

If you want to delete your Adsense account from your blogger.

  • Step three: Delete Gmail and AdSense account from blogger profile. First click on “Settings,” go to the “General” tab, and delete Gmail and Adsense accounts.

How to delete AdSense account from YouTube

If you don’t know how to do this, but you are new to Youtube, you can follow this link and click on the blue button that says Verification and information.

Next, you have to type your Google account to verify your identity and click on Create a new verification link. On connecting your unique link, you will ask for a verification code.

So your Google account must be linked to your Youtube account, then type your verification code into the Google account box that pops up on the screen.

Once you get the verification code, paste it into the link field of Youtube, and you’re all set to delete your Adsense account.


Google AdSense has been for two decades now, and more than 150 million people have ad-supported with a free account.

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